• Network Infrastructure Solutions

We conduct consultancy, project, on-site implementation and testing of all kinds of network infrastructure processes that constitute the information technologies infrastructure. In this context, copper network infrastructure, fiber optic technologies, weak current and medium voltage electrical infrastructure, hardware, software, products and solutions belonging to all these infrastructures are done with utmost care by our technical team.

  • System And Data Center Solutions

Our services include installation, monitoring, measurement maintenance agreements with low current and active device solutions (router, switch, LoadBalancer, WAN optimization, access point etc.), information security hardware (firewall, spam-filter, SSL-VPN etc.), monitoring, measurement maintenance agreements for these departments.

  • Virtualization Solutions

By creating an environment where existing physical resources can be used more efficiently, we provide virtualization solutions that will simplify your needs and increase your utilization of Information Technologies for operations that you prefer specifically on desktop, application, server, and storage.

  • Cloud Solutions

With cloud technology, we provide organizations with e-mail, phone central, file backup services without hardware investment (server, storage, infrastructure, maintenance/operating costs). Thus, we offer solutions that are Device, location and location independent, where access to data from anywhere on the internet is fast and easy.

  • Maintenance And Support Services

In organisations, agreements are signed with maintenance and support service providers for all the information technology infrastructure, hardware and software, to ensure the workflow continuity, timely repair and rapid replacement when necessary in the event of potential failures, as well as to perform periodic updates and maintenance or ensure that these are performed. Along with this service, an inventory is kept, independent of the brands, for all technological products.

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)

Solve tasks that require large computing power using cloud computing on the GPU. Reduce research time and wait for results by launching high-performance cloud computing from Isortak Technologies.