It is important for companies to minimize the risks they face so they can do their jobs continuously. It is a necessity for organizations to take the necessary measures to protect the information which is one of the important assets of today's business world. It is made possible by establishing ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System, taking into account the continuity of the work and the legal compliances in the real sense of ensuring information security.

ISORTAK analyses the operational and organizational structure of the institutions in the service of ISMS Consultancy. With this service, organizational, process and technological risks are determined in terms of Information Security. Then, in line with the expert staff's views, it offers short and long-term solution proposals to eliminate them. With its certification audit experience, ISMS minimises the problems that organizations can experience during the installation and certification period.

ISO 27001 ISMS can be interpreted based on many factors such as the experience of consultants related to information security, the knowledge of good practices in the relevant sectors, the ability to audit and training, and the ability to understand the management's outlook. ISORTAK makes a difference in establishing an information security management system which is suitable for your business with its consultants who have years of experience and which can be understood by the management and where the technical team can be comfortable.